Corporate Vision

Every revolution starts with a single thought, a thought that can disrupt the traditional society through its innovation, a thought that can change the world! Same is the case with Global Technology and Innovation LLC - shortly named as Global Tech. It all started with the rationalisation of a clear fact that why the world is facing so many problems attributed to lack of resources when there is more than enough on the planet to sustain the entire population. Fortunately, the same thought penetrated into the minds of our co-founders, Sven Lefeber and Jhony Depresseux at the same time but at different places. Curious for the solution, both started researching on their own solutions. Although they individually came up with the revolutionary ideas, but their individual solutions still needed modifications and a mutual thought process. Then came an event which connected both the founders in the most unusual way and lead them to create a company which has the potential to change the way traditional economy works utilising the power of modern technology. Instead of integrating a traditional business model, they dared to utilise the power of a 3-way cashflow economy in the most unusual industry - high-end digital tech. With their first product in hand to enhance the trading operations in forex market, they opened their gates for the people to utilise their smart algorithms and multiply their results and efficiency. Since then, Global Tech has been on its path of Research and Development and has already enhanced many industries including Real Estate, Clean Energy, Software Development, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain to name a few. Global Tech is still focused on its consistent vision of helping as many people as possible to enjoy high quality life by leveraging the power of technological automation. Start your passive journey with us by opening your own account. Click the button below to Proceed.