The name GTFTA stands for GT Fortuna. GTFTA is a token that reflects the development of Global Tech. GTFTA allows investors to directly participate in Global Tech’s success and to receivedividends in GTPLUS tokens.

Anyone who is interested in holding a Crypto Token that has potential to appreciate in time.

Also those who want to benefit from the Dividends this Token provides, can signup to our Affiliate program and receive a weekly dividend of GTPLUS.


Supply: 21,000,000

Trading Pairs:




GTPLUS is a loyalty token which serves the members of Global Tech. At this moment you can use this Token to buy an ever-growing number of Products and Services. For example you can lease a car thanks to our new cooperation with Global Cars.

You can also consult the Catalogue from our Toot Your Horn campaign and check the multiple products you can by with our tokens.

Part of Global Tech´s mission is to create a loyalty rewards network that is meaningful, valuable, and global for its members and merchants alike. To achieve this, Global Tech is building an e-commerce marketplace and loyalty network that leverages blockchain technology to better reflect the utility that a modern loyalty rewards network should provide. Both GTPLUS and GTFTA tokens are both meant to addvalue the Global Tech community.

Who can own GTFTA tokens?

As a loyalty token, GTPLUS is generally owned by Global Tech community members. But it is also developed to be a great asset for both investors and speculative traders.

With its increase in price, it has become an interesting Crypto asset to hold over time.

Trading Pairs: