Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions: Global Technology & Innovation for the sale of software.

Prior: Global Technology & Innovation is named Global Tech in this text


The terms and conditions below describe the rights and obligations of the company Global Tech and its customers as part of selling software and software licenses, which enable certain functions of the software. The customer or member declares to have agreed with these general terms and conditions for every service provided by Global Technology & Innovation.

Product description.

The features of the products offered for sale are fully explained in the section "Products" which you can find on the website: 
https://www.globaltechnologyinnovation.ae/products. The images shown on this page are not part of the purchase. Global Tech cannot be held responsible for errors in the images and texts. All texts and images presented on the Global Tech website are subject to both the copyright law and intellectual property of Global Tech. It is strictly forbidden to use or copy texts and images from the website.

Duration of the sales offer.

The products available for sale are available for as long as there is a supply or until they are outdated. In the scenario the product no longer is available, the customer will be notified by e-mail as soon as possible.

Price of the products.

Prices of the products are shown on the website in the product description. Prices shown are in euros, including all taxes and excluding any potential shipping costs. The VAT is specified when the customer selects a product and if shipping costs apply, will show after the customer finishes selecting all of his products.
The company Global Techreserves the right to change the prices at any time, Customer orders are charged the price charged at the moment of purchasing it. All shown prices on the website include discounts that the company Global Tech could provide taking into account the results or support provided by the buyer with certain benefits. No discounts are given for early payments.


The customer validates his order when the "Order" button appears at the bottom of the payment page after accepting these terms and conditions. If there is no notification available about the terms and conditions the customer automatically agrees to these terms and conditions. Before finalising the purchase, the customer has the option to check all the order details and make any corrections if necessary. The company Global Tech confirms the order by e-mail to the e-mail address the customer provides, this confirmation includes all elements of the order as well as the right of withdrawal of the customer. The data provided to the company Global Tech form the evidence of the nature, content and date of the order. This data is archived by the company Global Tech within legal conditions for protection of the customers personal data. This information is available to the customer by requesting access to these files by contacting the customer relations department.


Payments are made exclusively by credit card or bank transfer. In addition, Global Tech does not accept any bank payments from the following countries: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea. The order must be paid upon registration and this in full or partially with a minimum deposit of 500 EUR. In case of partial payment, the software will remain fully owned by the company Global Tech until the buyer has paid the full amount owed. If the payment is made partially, the customer can take advantage of the software as soon as it reaches its Q.F.L. position (see the affiliate program). If the customer no longer participates in the affiliation system or interrupts the micro-purchase by one month, then he will no longer be able to acquire the license by partial payments and will have to pay for his purchase at the request of Global Technology Innovation. If in one of these cases, the customer does not make a purchase, the sale is deemed cancelled to the fault of the client and the amounts already paid will be lost for the customer. Participate in the affiliate system, means to create a team and achieve the qualifications as described in the affiliate program. The purchase of a license takes effect once the order has been processed, but electronic access to this license is only possible after installation of the associated software.

Right of withdrawal.

The buyer has a fourteen-day period from the date of order to exercise his right of withdrawal without providing any reason or having to pay any penalties, except, where applicable, the cost of return. If the period of fourteen days expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, it will be extended until the next working day. In case a customer exercises the right of withdrawal, the company Global Tech reimburses the buyer for all payments, except for any bank charges, as soon as possible and no later than 30 days after the date of this right has been exercised. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer must use the back-office contact button he has received from Global Technology Innovation. At that moment he opens a ticket and reports his request for withdrawal.

Any other way to request a right of withdrawal will not be accepted even if the customer uses this means within the allotted time. In this case the right of withdrawal will be lost for the customer and the refund will no longer be possible.

Late payment (applicable to professional customers).

In case of a non-payment or partial payment of the delivered product on the day of receipt, the buyer must pay a fine to the company Global Tech equal to one and a half times the legal interest rate. This legal interest rate chosen is equal to the legal interest rate on the date of the delivery. The fine is calculated on the amount of the remaining amount and without any prior notice required will continue to run from the due date. Any delay during the payment gives the right to the company Global Tech to, in addition to the late payment, charge the debtor to pay a fixed amount of 50 EUR for recovery costs. Additional fees may be claimed when evidence is provided in case recovery costs are higher than the standard fee.


The software can be used after full payment of the order or in case of partial payment if the customer participates in the affiliation system of the company. The licenses for this software are hosted on the servers of Global Tech. Global Tech registers the license in the system after payment within 15 working days.
To activate his license, the client must open a Forex trading account with the Broker of his choice. He asks his Broker for access to an MT4 platform on his behalf. The customer must deposit a minimum of € 15,000 so that the software can work safely. When the account is opened, the client provided to Global Tech the login and technical password of its MT4 platform. Global Tech installs software on the customer's MT4 platform. The software starts automatically at this time. The customer then manages his software. If the customer does not have the amount of € 15,000, then he can call an asset manager of his choice. The asset manager must use the software license of Global Tech on a MAM account. In this case the customer enters in the MAM Account managed by the asset manager and only an amount of 3,000 € is necessary for the proper functioning of the software. Global Tech has no view of the amounts deposited on the client's trading account and does not no way to intervene in the account. Global Tech only has technical access to the platform in order to install software upgrades. The license has a life of 10 years after full payment. However it can be cancelled in case of misuse of the software, malpractices like illegal copying, software piracy, …). Global Tech can not and does not give any investment advice.
The license is installed on a single account and can not be duplicated on other accounts. There can only be one active license on an account. If the customer buys 3 licenses, he must open 3 different accounts and activate them as seen previously. The 3 accounts can be opened with different brokers according to the customer's choice.

Intellectual property.

The company Global Tech retains the intellectual property of the software and all associated privileges. It grants the customer the right to use personal non-exclusive, non-transferable software for the customers personal use, exclusively on the designated device and website designated during purchase. Any transfer of the software to another Broker is the subject of a request to the company Global Tech which will execute the request.

According to the law, copying software is strictly forbidden. Accordingly, the customer agrees not to reproduce, adapt, make available to third parties, to trade, to lease, et cetera. The customer agrees not to execute a mirrored copy of the software. a mirrored copy can cause the total loss of the trading account. Global Tech is not responsible for the total loss of the account. The customer knowing the risks beforehand and accepts them when buying his license. These risks being further redefined by the Broker during the opening of the Trading account with him. The customer may not use or install the software in a network or multiple - if not explicitly provided in the purchase agreement with the company Global Tech.
The customer may not decompile, translate the object code of the software into source code or have this process executed by a third party. The customer authorises the company Global Tech to exercise inspection performed with reasonable notice on its premises if the use of the software complies with the provisions of this contract. Any fraud or attempted fraud in this article will result in a fixed and agreed fee from the customer to the Global Tech company of ten million euros.


The company Global Tech is not responsible for any losses that could be caused by the automatic trading software. The software contains a number of settings for which the customer is responsible. Profitability also varies depending on the choice of the customer, broker and the quality of the internet connection. Profitability tables are an indication, the results from the past cannot predict future results in any way.

Affiliate of Global Technology & Innovation.

If you, as a customer, participate in the development of the Global Tech reward program, you also agree to both the code of conduct and the marketing plan as further described in the code of conduct and the affiliate program. If you as a customer do not respect these conditions, the company Global Tech reserves the right to proceed to exercise sanctions that comply with the code of conduct and the affiliate program.

Customer service.

For information, questions or complaints the customer can fill in the contact form on Global Techs website by clicking on the menu "Support - Contact".


In case of dispute, only the Dubai courts (UAE) are competent.
Before turning to the court, the customer will first have to contact Global Tech with the help of his Back Office.
If in this case no amicable solution to the dispute can be found, then the customer can turn to the courts.
If the client does not follow this procedure, then he agrees beforehand to be dismissed the case in court.


In case of dispute or misunderstanding in translated texts, we must turn to the English version of the texts which is the only valid